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Student Rules and 
​10 Commandments

Student Rules

1. When entering or leaving the DO-JANG (school), execute a bow of respect to the disolayed national flags
2. Execute a bow of the coutesy to the Master, Instructor or black belts when arriving and leaving the DO-JANG.
3. Remove shoes upon enterfing the DO-JANG and place then in to the provided rack or designated area. Shoes are not worn on the training floor. 
4. The DO-BOK (uniform) should be clean and complete at all times.
5. Avoid bringing valuables to class.
6. Remove all jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.,) prior to engaginbg in training.
7. Observe a degree of personal hygiene. Toenails and fingernails should be neatly trimmed.
8. Strict attention is to be given to the Master or Instructer at all times. Conversation is to be kept to a minimum during class.
9. Profanity, loss of temper, horse play, loud laughing and talking, or any display of lack of self-discipline, respect for others will not be tolerated.
10. Be on time for all classes. If you arrive early for a class, take the opportunity to do warm-up excercises and to practice you POOMSAE (forms). Do not lounge about it.

11. Practice only those POOMSAE that have been presented to you by the Master or Instructor. Do not try to skip though obsrevation of higher belts.
12. Do not inquire concerning examinations for promotions to a higher grade. When the Master decides that you as an individual are ready for the examination, then he will invite you to test.
13. No free sparring without permission from the Master or Instructor.
14. Tae Kwon Do techniques are not to applied ou of the DO-JANG without permission from the Master, unless circumstances invoving the your safety or the safety of others overriding.

Home Rules for Children

1. Children shall greet their parents with "hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!" when they enter the house and tell their parents "Goodbye!" when they leave.
2. Children will always be respectful to their parents, teachers and elders.
3. Children will be kind to their Brothers and Sisters.
4. Children will keep the household neat and clean.
5. Children will keep their hair, body, and teeth clean daily.
6. Children will not interrupt adult conversations.
7. Children shall fix the recipe Straight A's daily.
8. When you come home from school, open the refrigerator and have a glass of milk, juice or water.
9. Open your book to review what you studied today.
10. Review what you will study tomorrow.

10 Commandments

1. Be loyal to your country.
2. Be obedient to your parents.
3. Be loving between husband and wife.
4. Be cooperative between brothers and sisters.
5. Be faithful to your friends.
6. Be respectful to your elders.
7. Establish trust between teacher and students.
8. Say no to Drugs.
9. Stand up for what is right.
10. Always finish what you start