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Who is Jin P. Kim?

Grand Master Kim

Grandmaster Jin P. Kim was born in South Korea, and has been practicing the Tae Kwon Do for 46 years as of today. He Earned his 8th Degree Black Belt from the prestigious Kukiwon Chairman Um Eun Kyu. 

1969 Grandmaster Jin P. Kim started his martial arts training when he was very young in the year 1969. He also went to the special university of martialous martial arts. essentially, his main focus has always been Tae Kwon Do, even before Tae Kwon Do became the Olympic sports of Martial Arts to learn more. and to develop his skills and practices of varialrts.

1981: Master Kim established the Dae Brothers Tae Kwon Do.
Since then, he was trained many qualified students who have excelled in their own field, including many Hollywood celebrities.

Master Kim's teaching methodology is very much faith based, always consistent, never waiving in teaching, and caring for his students. 

The goal of his teaching, and his philosophy spreading Tae Kwon Do in 1981, and has been the Master teacher up to the present is very simple: He swear to God that every morning that he will teach "Tae Kwon Do" to provide Students with both spiritual, and physical foundation to make the sincere, and good faith efforts to move his heart into his training for the past 45 years. 

He stated, and I quote "What I like the most is not any glorious awards or compensations but only recognition from my own students." Students are everything he has in his minds along with his family members.